Move, store, logistics and more.

Straight Forwarding' team of professionals stops at nothing to ensure that you enjoy peace of mind while they take charge of your shipping needs. You’ll enjoy highly personalized service as a freight agent, certified by the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association. Balancing the Freight Equation through a comprehensive suite of services:

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Online Tracking

Get Status Updates, Track your Cargo, Take advantage of our technology and get all the information you need in order to track your cargo. Manage multiple shipments & track their whereabouts right from your dashboard. Check delivery status online and receive a response in real time 24/7.

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warehousing services

We can manage your outbound distribution to U.S. markets through our warehousing and logistics services. Our U.S. presence in all the major Canada-to-U.S. trade corridors saves you time and money in costly international movements.

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dry van truckload

We transport all types of commodities with multi-axle vans, reefers and flatbed equipment. We transport a wide variety of product requiring temperatures to be maintained at ambient, cool and frozen settings. We transport throughout Canada and the USA.

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customs brokerage

With professional licensed customs brokers at the helm and a number of staff following the latest in customs regulations worldwide, we are well versed in all current legislation.

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freight forwarding

Straight Forwarding works closely with our clients to customize global supply chain solutions based on the latest in freight forwarding technology and freight management strategies. You can rest easy knowing that we'll arrange and manage the freight-forwarding, consolidation, deconsolidation, and distribution of your goods throughout its journey, by any mode of transportation.

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Because some inland cargo will require rail transport to a port, we can arrange for the seamless transition from rail to ship per your instructions.

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cargo insurance

Cargo insurance packages can range from full coverage that encompasses the entire cost of your purchase or minimal coverage that encapsulates only certain components. We work with a large number of insurance companies to ensure that we can offer the best possible rates to our customers.